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​About Us

Founded in 2017 under the blessing of former Chief of Police, the late Gregory Allen, Law N Paws has rescued over 500 victims of abuse, abandonment, and neglect in the El Paso community. Each rescue entering Law N Paws receives medical attention from one of our partnered veterinarians and follows a treatment plan in accordance with their injuries and needs. Violent offenses towards animals have a high probability of being transferred to humans--specifically children, elderly, and spouses/partners of the aggressor. This correlation called Detective Vanessa Acosta to act and create a shelter that would rescue and rehabilitate victims of abuse while educating the public on animal cruelty prevention, reporting, and rehoming of rescued dogs.


As a no-kill shelter, we take in rescues that other local shelters–including El Paso Animal Services–would euthanize because of the specialized and expensive medical attention needed to rehabilitate the abused and neglected pups. 


Due to the depth of injury and sickness our rescues are found in, veterinary bills are exceptionally high when compared to other shelters. Each rescue pup receives all required vaccinations and medication and are spayed/neutered. Specific medical attention an abused or neglected rescue may need includes x-rays, blood work, and biopsies. Because the collective El Paso community has had an increase in animal cruelty cases, a second shelter location has been opened and needs additional kennels and repairs/renovations to current kennels. 


Although partnered with the El Paso Police Department Animal Cruelty Unit and El Paso Animal Services, Law N Paws is an independent entity that receives no funding from city, state, or federal entities. We are a 501c (3) non-profit organization that relies strictly on donations and grant money to continue operations. We hope our combined visions of bettering the El Paso community.



Our mission is to help abused and neglected animals and give them a second chance at finding a forever home.


Whether an animal has been rescued from a cruelty situation or is a stray that has been abandoned, our goal is to give them the necessary care and rehabilitation.


Once our rescues have been rehabilitated, they are ready to find a forever home.

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